Australian Events

Posted in 1956

  • Ticket to the Melbourne OlympicsThe 1956 Olympic Games are officially opened in Melbourne by The Duke of Edinburgh on 22 November. The Olympic flame is lit by Ron Clarke.
  • Inspired by Australian teenager John Wing, an Olympic tradition begins at the Friendly Games when athletes of different nations are allowed to parade together at the closing ceremony, instead of with their national teams, as a symbol of world unity...

"During the Games there will be only one nation. War, politics and nationalities will be forgotten. What more could anybody want if the world could be made one nation."
Extract from a letter by John Ian Wing to the Olympic organisers, 1956.

† 1956 Olympic Games Melbourne officially opened by The Duke of Edinburgh

  • Prime Minister Menzies supports Britain during the Suez War.
  • The first television broadcast takes place.
  • Johnny O'Keefe is Australia's first true rock star