World Events

Posted in 1945

  • Mushroom cloud rises from the atomic bomb, NagasakiYalta Conference between Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin. Allies advance on Germany from the east and west.
  • Death of Hitler; Berlin is captured by the Russians.
  • Victory in Europe: VE Day is celebrated the day after Germany's surrender on May 7, signifying the end of war in Europe.
  • Winston Churchill is defeated in the British election.
  • August: USA drops atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. More than 70,000 people die in Nagasaki alone.
  • VP Day - Victory is won in the Pacific region on August 15 when Japan accepts the Allies' terms. The surrender document is signed on September 2, but the peace treaty is not signed until September 8, 1951.General MacArthur signs the Japanese surrender document
  • Germany and Japan are occupied by the Allies.
  • San Francisco Conference: The United Nations Charter is signed.


Celebrating the end of World War II