Australian Events

Posted in 1934

  • Ford "ute"A Parliamentary Joint Select Committee is appointed as a result of the 1933 West Australian referendum vote to secede from the Commonwealth of Australia. Its report titled "Case of the People of Western Australia" was sent to London in July 1934.
  • The basic wage is restored.
  • Blue MountainsInvention of the utility truck by Ford Australia.
  • Conservationist Myles Dunphy declares that "an Age of Wastefulness" has been replaced by "an Age of Conservation". His goal is wilderness protection through the establishment of a Greater Blue Mountains National Park.
  • Australia's aviator Sir Charles Kingsford Smith flies from Melbourne to Perth in a record-breaking 10 and a half hours in his "little grey streak", the Lady Southern Cross.
  • The London to Melbourne Air Race ends at Essendon Airport. The race is part of the Melbourne Centenary celebrations and is won by British pilots TWA Scott and Campbell Black.