Australian Events

Posted in 1946

  • Hills Hoist rotary clothes linePost-war resettlement and immigration program begins.
  • Australian meat, cheese, butter and wheat are sent to Britain to relieve food shortages.
  • Metal trades strike for increase margins began as a lockout by a few Melbourne employers after local industrial action. A wage increase was granted and a further review of the award undertaken. AEU policy rejected the arbitration system. The strike lasted until May 8 1947.
    The Macquarie Book of Events, 1983 p 265.
  • Australian billiards master, Walter Lindrum, holds 57 world records during his career, including a break of 4137.
  • Government sets up Trans Australia Airlines (TAA).
  • The Hills Hoist rotary clothes line is invented by Lancelot Leonard Hill, encouraged by his wife Cynthia who complained that her washing kept snagging on a lemon tree.
  • The ABC broadcasts Federal Parliament for the first time.
  • Rationing of clothing, tea, sugar, butter and meat continues.