Australian Events

Posted in 1923

  • Special constables during the Victorian Police strikeBruce-Page Government, February 9 (see Australian Prime Ministers)
  • November 5: A strike by Victorian Police against a new supervision system leaves Melbourne undefended, tempting vandals and looters into the city. The government dismisses all the strikers and hastily swears in special constables who lead a baton charge to clear Melbourne's streets of an estimated 100,000 people. The Sun newspaper headline reads: "Running like rabbits from a baton charge of special constables".
  • An Australian favourite: "Vegemite"Silver and lead are discovered at Mt Isa, Queensland.
  • Women in Victoria are granted the right to stand for election to the Legislative Assembly in August.
  • Construction of the new federal Parliament House in Canberra begins. Intended only as a "provisional" home, it would be used by the Parliament for 61 years.
  • "Vegemite" is first produced by the Fred Walker Cheese Co.