Sir Robert Menzies

Posted in 1907

  • Robert Menzies, 12 years oldRobert continues his education at Humffray Street State School, Ballarat taught by John McDonald and Thomas Jones. The school's upper sixth ('scholarship') class had a State-wide reputation for excellence.
  • Robert's maternal grandfather, John Sampson, was a miner and an active unionist who introduced him to politics and political debate:

"... he would have been what we call now a Labor man. His favourite journal was the Sydney Worker, and when I'd go down at the age of 12 he would sit me down and say, "Now Robert, read me that leading article in the Worker. Splendid stuff.' Then I would read the leading article in the Worker and he'd say 'What do you think of that?' and I'd say 'Well, I think it's wrong', and give him my reasons."
Video script Menzies in his time, 1994.

  • Bob secured one of the 40 scholarships offered each year for Victorian State school children with an outstanding result 36 marks ahead of second place - a State record:

".. at the end of his second year at Humffray Street, Bob topped the State in the scholarship examination. He was 13 and his achievement Jeparit's sensation of the year."
A W Martin, Robert Menzies: A Life. Vol 1 1894-1943, 1993 p 12